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Posted on Friday July 14, 2017 at 09:35AM

Village Emporium
Wandering through the well stocked aisles is a trove of awesome finds - from luxe sweets to accessories to works of art. The selection of garden decor, pretty kitchenware and bath products is continually updated and merchandized ever so stylishly in their clever displays. Product isn’t slapped upon a shelf. Everything is arranged just how you would use it at home, so you can get a true sense of its beauty or functionality. There’s so much variety and product in the kitchenware section it could be its own store. Right next to it lies a room devoted to DIY decorating. This is the spot to find all those finishing items from hardware knobs to peel and stick wall paper. Visiting with kids? Set them up in the children’s section and you’ll be rewarded with minutes of whine-free shopping. The focus for kids is on activities where they use their imagination. It’s all about unplugged play, from tea sets to puppet shows to books and crafts. You could go crazy in here snapping up delightful little gifts for friends and stocking stuffers months in advance. And should you visit during the holiday season, their Christmas window display is a thing of wonder. Bookmark mid November to witness the transformation of Village Emporium into a magical shopping oasis. During the summer months, theme is on the outdoors, but it matters not whether you actually own cottage or have planted a garden. You’re still likely to walk away with a little something from this inspiring indoor and outdoor decor store. At the very least, you’ll leave with plenty of inspiration for spiffing up your own place. Power shoppers adore this shop, as it offers so many unique items that you just don’t find back home. Because of this, we recommend budgeting a minimum of half an hour in this space alone.

Village Furniture

This eclectic homewares and furniture shop showcases mainly Canadian brands that reflect true Canadiana cottage lifestyle. Though it would be a mistake to pigeonhole Village Furniture in the modern cottage category. The appeal here is universal, with products that seamlessly mess in a wide variety of settings. Almost 75 percent of the products are made in Canada - right down to the mattresses they sell. There’s rustic-chic couches manufactured by Calgary companies Whittaker and Birchwood, plus limited edition Group of Seven prints that jazz up any room. Most popular are the solid birch dining tables and chairs made by Quebec’s Canadel. These dining sets are manufactured from the company’s own forest, and are hand-assembled and hand-finished using environmentally-friendly processes. Accent pieces and home decor items range from artwork to pillows, throws, lamps and clocks. Known for their wide selection of rosewood tables, these distinct products are gaining in popularity, as they go with pretty much any other wood you currently have in your home. If you find big box stores boring, you’ll love it in here.

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